5 principle of eating healthy food

5 principle of eating healthy foods

5 principle of eating healthy food.

introduction of 5 principle of eating healthy foods.

.There is a law for everything in this world. If we go out of this law, we have to pay the price. In the same way, Allah Almighty has made laws for our health. If we go out of these laws, our Health can be bad. If we follow them we can get the best health so eating food has also principle here in this blog we discuss 5 principle of eating healthy foods. what are the rules that are mentioned here?now 5 principle of eating healthy foods

 1 principal of eating healthy foods that is.Healthy eating: It is best to eat the fruits

principal of eating healthy foods is very important. Eating fruit together with other foods can lead to discomfort and indigestion. This is not due to the fruit, however, but the unfavorable combination

If you eat them together with other food groups, these inhibit the rapid passage of the fruit through the intestine. The fruits are thus unnaturally long in the digestive system and now start to ferment there. Flatulence, stomach ache and stomach cramps can result.

There is actually no real reason for cooking fruit, because it tastes so delicious raw that, unlike some vegetables, you wouldn’t have to make it tastier by cooking. You also don’t have to cook it – like beans – to neutralize certain poisons in it. Only allergens are destroyed to a certain extent during cooking, but these substances do not bother the non-allergic person a bit. And since the valuable vital substances in the fruit are also reduced in quantity when cooking, cooking clearly leads to quality losses that are not worthwhile.

 Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products rarely fit into a healthy diet

5 principle of eating healthy foodsMeat in small amounts (two servings a week) does not usually make you sick. But meat (and products made from it) does not fit into a healthy diet. Because a healthy diet should only be described if it is not only good for people, but also for the rest of the world. And a meat diet is neither healthy for the environment nor for the corresponding animals. For them, the human choice for a meat-based diet is not only unhealthy, but painful and ultimately fatal.

If you want to eat meat or fish, you should not do this more than twice a week and buy the meat directly from the organic farm. In this way, if one wants to use the word in connection with meat consumption at all, one is so considerate of saving the animal from having to transport and operate the slaughterhouse.


In view of the overfishing of the oceans and the exposure to heavy metals and other environmental toxins and the conditions in the factory farming of conventional aquacultures, fish is hardly an alternative.

If you eat eggs, then only organic eggs! In addition, buy organic eggs preferably from the organic supermarket from organic, Naturland, or Demeter conservation. The EU organic regulation (“normal” organic eggs), on the other hand, makes chickens less comfortable to live in.

Here z. B. 230 laying chickens are kept in the same place where only 140 chickens are kept on an organic farm. There are no regulations in the “normal” organic sector for the breeding of pullets and neither for the use of veterinary medicinal products. A Bioland farm, on the other hand, adheres to strict rules and regulations.. These include frequent respiratory infections, constant clearing of the throat, the tendency to allergies, chronic head and/or indigestion, chronic skin problems, and constant tonsillitis and otitis media in children.

Instead of cow’s milk, you can use rice milk, oat milk, almond milk or – if tolerable – soy milk. You can find more suggestions here: milk substitute instead of milk

If snacks, then healthy snacks

Choose healthy snacks – preferably homemade, e.g. B. kale chips, potato chips, green smoothies, shakes, vegetable sticks, nut balls, trail mix, dried fruits, fresh fruits, whole grain crackers with delicious dips and much more.

Which salt,  instead of table salt?

Instead of table salt, it is best to use a herbal salt, rock salt or crystal salt. These are natural salts without additives. Use salt sparingly, which works well with the use of herbal salt, since a large proportion here consists of herbs.

More than a total of 3-5 grams of salt per day is not recommended. For example, 50 grams of salami already contains 1.5 grams of salt. One bread roll per 100 grams of 2 grams of salt.

Be careful when buying spices!

When buying spice blends, look for possible proportions of flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate) and other undesirable additives. Better use spice blends from the organic supermarket or the organic online trade, use natural spices that also have a healing effect, e.g. B. ginger, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, mill pepper, vanilla, cardamom, curry etc. or make your own spice mix.

these are 5 principle of eating healthy foods,would you like it tell me?

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