15 best way for healty life

15 best easy ways for a healthy life

15 best easy ways for healthy life

Allah Almighty has endowed man with eternal blessings. He has endowed man with a perfect body and endowed him with intellect and understanding, empowered him to think and understand and gave him everything he could to live his life. Was needed

Now it is man’s job to make it a part of his life and to use these things according to the rules.

It is important to remember that living a successful and healthy life requires rules and regulations. We cannot make progress in health unless we create order in our lives.

So, from today onwards, decide to make rules to improve your health, what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Which things to use more and which to avoid.

15 best ways for healthy life.

1. Eat only when you are hungry

eat when hungry

A healthy diet depends not only on what you eat, but also how and when you eat. In any case, only eat when you are really hungry. And stop eating when you’re full – so don’t just keep eating just because it tastes so delicious. You should definitely avoid overeating. It is best to prepare only a small portion from the start.

This is not a call to fast with a virus infection, as we were accused of today. Because mouse studies (1) indicate that although fasting can promote the healing process in bacterial infections, the supply of glucose was important in viral infections, according to these mouse studies. But just when you listen to your body – and that’s the only call here (listen to your body!) – it may signal you to eat only certain foods. So you have z. B. only appetite for fruits or their juices, which is often the case with viral infections (colds, flu), but no desire for foods high in fat or protein. Exactly the fruits deliver u. U. the vital substances required for healing, including glucose (in a natural combination), without stressing the digestive system.

15 best ways for healthy life. step #2

2-Take your time to eat!

take time to eat

Always eat slowly! If you are in a hurry and at the same time hungry, eat only a few bites, never a main meal. Only when all the appointments are done do you eat in peace.This rule does not only apply to a healthy diet from healthy foods. Even if you should be on the go and couldn’t find anything healthy, eat slowly and without stress!

15 best ways for healthy life .step#3

3. Chew your healthy diet thoroughly!

Chew each bite carefully – ideally 30 to 40 times – before swallowing. We mentioned the advantages in the introduction above. If you do it right, you will still have at least half the plate when everyone else has finished eating.

4. Avoid desserts

Sweets after eating hinder digestion (often this also applies to healthy sweets, such as fruit bars, vegan chocolate mousse or similar).

Conventional sweets are naturally unhealthy in themselves, especially since they mostly consist of sugar, isolated carbohydrates and / or milk products.

Get in the habit of waiting for the dessert at least half an hour after the meal. The advantage: During this time, the desire for sweets usually leaves you. If you want to eat your dessert after all, it at least no longer hinders the digestion of the main meal as much. The feeling of satiety has also increased and you no longer eat as much of the dessert as you might have done immediately after eating.

15 best ways for healthy life.step#4

5-Breakfast – yes or no?


Don’t force yourself to breakfast in the morning (see rule 1: only eat when you’re hungry). If you know that you are not hungry at 7 a.m., but then at 9 a.m. or later, so if you are already on the move, you can prepare a healthy snack at home, which you can then have at 9 a.m. or whenever you get hungry, you can have breakfast. This way you avoid unhealthy snacks in the canteen or at the bakery.

6. Eat at 6 p.m. in the evening at the latest

If you eat dinner later than 6 p.m., eating overnight will strain your digestive system. The digestive power is usually low in the late evening or even at night. The food stays in the stomach and intestines for a long time and worsens the quality of sleep.


7. Several small meals or a few big ones?

It depends on you, your preferences and possible complaints whether you would prefer to eat several small meals or better just two to three large meals. If you have problems with your blood sugar level, stick to several small meals a day. However, healthy people could also test intermittent fasting. You eat two large meals a day – and you will soon feel fantastic. Try this eating rhythm: The healthy eating rhythm. Basically, however, eating several small meals a day has no health benefits. Neither can you lose weight better, as we have already described here: several small or a few large meals

8. The right drink in a healthy diet

The best choice for a drink with a healthy diet is water. Avoid all sweetened or sweetened beverages, all lemonades, soft and energy drinks, milk drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Juices and smoothies are not drinks, but snacks or appetizers. You should not buy fruit juices and smoothies, but rather always make them fresh yourself. Vegetable juices can be bought in the organic supermarket in organic quality. Fresh homemade juices are also better here.

When it comes to water, choose either a good spring water from your region or your filtered tap water. We use the IVY bio filter for drinking water treatment ourselves and would be happy to recommend it to others. With this mobile drinking water filter, the water is cleaned and slightly mineralized. It becomes weakly alkaline and tastes excellent – like fresh spring water.

Many overweight people lose weight just by implementing this one rule – especially if they had previously consumed sugary drinks. Those who feel sick often experience an improvement in their condition when they replace all other drinks so far with carbonated water.

9. Start the day with a glass of water

If you do not like cold drinks in the morning, then drink the water slightly warmed up or sip hot. If you need taste, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Wait at least ten minutes before having breakfast. The water stimulates digestion and helps to quickly drain the slag that is accumulated at night.

10. Whole value instead of zero value distinguishes healthy eating

Choose whole foods! Whole grain bread instead of white bread, whole grain pasta instead of conventional pasta, brown rice instead of white rice etc. Whole grain foods provide more vitamins, more minerals, more trace elements and at the same time more fiber, which have a very positive effect on intestinal health and thus on general health.

11. Avoid wheat and wheat products

It is better to use pasta and baked goods made from spelled, rye, oats, barley or even from the primal cereals . Many people react to wheat with complaints, but rarely associate them with wheat. If you leave out the wheat, your health often goes up:

12. Do the gluten test

The situation is similar with gluten, a protein in many types of cereals (wheat, spelled, rye, oats, barley, kamut, einkorn, emmer). Many people not only react to wheat, but generally to gluten with complaints. If food containing gluten is avoided in these cases, it is often better. Cereals and corn are gluten-free cereals. Gluten-free pseudo grains are quinoa, amaranth, teff, canihua and buckwheat.

Take the gluten test, try it for 60 TaDays without gluten and wait and see how you are. However, the ancient cereals – einkorn, emmer – are often tolerated much better than the gluten-rich “normal” cereals such as wheat and spelled. Here you test your personal gluten sensitivity and let your body decide what is good for you and what is not.

13. Sugar in a healthy diet? No thanks!

Of course, sugar and products containing sugar (sweets, fruit yoghurts, puddings, cakes, etc.) are not part of a healthy diet. They contribute enormously to malaise and to the development of diseases.

Those who manage sugar withdrawal will notice how good it is to live without sugar. You can concentrate better, chronic symptoms improve, you spend less time at the dentist and you become much more efficient in sports.

Nevertheless, nobody has to do without sweets, as is often believed. There are very delicious healthy sweet meals, healthy cakes, chocolate can also be made from healthy ingredients yourself: chocolate is worth a temptation

14. Eat healthy raw food every day

Raw food is the food with which mankind has developed over millions of years. It provides genuine nutrients and vital substances in the form that our body knows best.

Therefore, make sure to eat a large portion of raw food at least every day – either for breakfast (fruit salad, smoothie, oat-fruit muesli), as a snack (vegetable sticks, green smoothie) or for lunch (health food, salads, sprouts) Etc.).

Remember: Always eat raw food before cooking food. B. first the salad, then the main meal. “Salad” is not just a leaf lettuce. Grated kohlrabi, beetroot, radish, carrots, celery etc. are also included.

Not everyone can tolerate raw food in the evening. So if you have a weak digestive system and / or are not used to raw food, eat the raw food until around 2 p.m. and better a steamed vegetable dish in the evening. And don’t forget rule 3, especially when it comes to raw food! Chew thoroughly!

15. The staple of a healthy diet is vegetables

The staple in a healthy diet is vegetables. The main ingredient of your meals is therefore vegetables. There are also legumes, whole rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain couscous, whole grain bulgur, polenta, quinoa, buckwheat etc.Shop for vegetables and fruits as seasonally and regionally as possible – and always give preference to organic products.Vegetables can be cooked raw or gently steamed. Hot searing or preparation methods with a lot of fat should be avoided.

these are the 15 best ways for healthy life.would you like that? tell me.thanks

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