the css sisters

The CSS sisters, a lesson for Pakistan

In Haripur district, a man Malik Rafiq Awan and Khurshid Begum have five daughters by Allah Almighty. Malik Rafiq Awan is an employe in WAPDA and he is a resident of Rawalpindi. It is rarely seen in the world that in the same house and those girls have become part of the civil service. Laila, Shirin, Sasai, Marvi, and Zoha are the five names who are doing their service for this country. Behind this will surely be their hard work as well as the encouragement of their father and parents. the CSS sisters lesson for Pakistan

proud moment

This is a very proud moment for parents when their children work hard and achieve success.
The five sisters attended Primary School, Presentation Convent High School, Rawalpindi. Benazir Bhutto also studied at the same school.
The eldest Laila Malik Sher passed the CSS exam in 2008 and is currently the Deputy Commissioner of the Board of Revenue in Karachi. She is performing her duties there efficiently and honestly.


Sharmeen, the second sister, pass cSS in 2010 and is currently the director of the National Highway Authority in Islamabad.

In 2017, Sasi Malik Sher and Marvi Malik Sher took the CSS exam and both passed. Currently, Sasi is undergoing training in Lahore Cantonment, while Marvi is the Assistant Commissioner of Abbottabad.
On Thursday, his youngest sister Zoha also passed the exam and set a new record in Pakistan. On Thursday, the results of the Central Superior Service (CSS) Exam 2019 under the Federal Public Service Commission were announced, breaking some records. Zoha Malik from Rawalpindi has become the fifth girl from the same family to pass the CSS exam.
A total of 23,234 candidates applied for the CSS exams. 1,4,521 candidates appeared in the examination, out of which only 372 passed the final.
Speaking to a source, Zoha said, “My dream is to serve Pakistan by holding an administrative position.

she said

“I have learned from my father that it is not difficult to turn your weaknesses into strengths. People sympathized with my father at the birth of five daughters, but today we have proved them wrong.” “My father has power because his daughters are in positions of power and senior government positions. Today, we sisters represent the whole of Pakistan.”
People now have something inspiring to talk about CSS Girls who made their parents proud in Maulana’s time. otherwise,
Muhammad Rafiq Awan is the proud father of the record-breaking CSS sisters who enable their daughters to rise to prominence in a male-dominated society like ours.
His name and his father’s name are prominent.

css giude

There are so many things in it for us. Don’t give up CSS has never been a plane to gauge one’s intelligence or intellect. This is another test of “decent” livelihood, which is accused of being proud of Pakistan’s generosity. The thing about CSS is that those who make it don’t know how they made it and those who didn’t, they don’t know why they can’t make it. So, stay calm and prepare for the next attempt. Every job counts. Pakistan also needs good teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, experts, writers, scholars, artists, diplomats, businessmen, etc

the css sisters lesson for pakistan.what is your opion?

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