5 upcoming features of whatsapp

5 upcoming features of WhatsApp

5 upcoming features of WhatsApp

it is one of the best apps when it comes to connecting friends and family on a quick basis. during the coronavirus lockdown across the country, it connects more families

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular internet calling app. WhatsApp announces that it will introduce several important and powerful features. some of which added at the request of users.

upcoming features of WhatsApp

upcoming features of WhatsApp.These features include QR codes, animated stickers, dark mode for desktop and web. A new group calling button, 8-person one-click calling, and video maximization options.

as well as The number of WhatsApp users worldwide has now exceeded two billion and users will now be able to exchange QR codes. However, there has been a long-standing demand for Dark Mode, which will now be available for both the phone and the web. Although it is now available for the web.

Another important feature is the animated stickers that will make the conversation even better and more enjoyable. Then group calling of 8 people at a time is an important feature in its place. Another important innovation is the status feature, which allows text, photos, videos, and GIFs to be share but disappears within 24 hours.

WhatsApp management announces that all the features will be unveiled in the next few weeks and QR codes will help in the inclusion of weblinks and addresses and will help in saving the phone numbers and names of friends in the phone. ۔

Self Destructing or Disappearing messages

WhatsApp is working this feature which will allow it’s users to send a time limit message or chat. Users could send a piece of private information and set the time interval in where the messages will delete itself self mostly the feature could name “Disappearing Messages or Self-Destructing messages”.

This feature will be one of the best features ever introduced by WhatsApp though the feature is in Telegram from a long ago.

Verify Forwarded Messages

As stated above the fake news is spreading all over the Social Media platforms so to defend this problematic situation WhatsApp is fighting back to it by introducing a new feature named Verify Forwarded Messages. This feature will allow the users to verify the forwarded messages. There will be a google integrated search button to search the same information on Google and verify the same.

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