15 tips to save money

15 tips to save money when you alone

15 tips to save money when you alone

Living alone is the best way to save money not because of the people that u gonna share with but because of the mentality of a person being in a group and being alone changes. A person staying alone doesn’t waste money. So it’s really easy for u to save money.

15 tips to save money\Tip#1

Don’t waste money on buying food and other junks. Learn cooking, buy pieces of stuff, and cook them. This may seem minimal or little for you. But Ur gonna thank me at the end of the day.

15 tips to save money/Tip#2

I don’t know if u are working or studying. But if u are studying by staying in a hostel. Try to make friends everywhere. Buying books sometimes seem unnecessary for me. Because I have to buy a lot of books. So what I prefer to do is to share library books with friends and ask them to buy library books on their card. This saved lot of my parent’s money

15 tips to save money/Tip#3

Don’t spend a lot of money with friends, chilling and kinds of stuff. Becas at the end of the day Ur gonna regret it. I am not saying.15 tips to save money

15 tips to save money/Tip#4

don’t chill or hang out with friends I am just saying don’t spend on unnecessary stuff.


Don’t always think abt saving money because that can make u sad at some point in time. Think abt investing them in some way……….


Be intelligent with spending money on stuff. Bargaining sometimes helps but I don’t find them genuine. Shopping online genuinely helped me in saving money… don’t spend money buying groceries in malls or retail shops, rather get it in weekly markets at a cheap price.


Be aware of everything happening in the world. Many people get fooled and waste their money due to a lack of awareness… so don’t be a dumb person.

Do your laundry

Instead of wasting your money on the dry cleaners, do your laundry. A  washing machine may be pricey, but you will save a lot in the long run. Don’t spend your money on a dryer either. Just get a rack and dry your clothes the old-fashioned way.15 tips to save money

Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions

Magazines. Cable. Music streaming. Gaming. If you don’t need them, unsubscribe or find cheaper alternatives. You can also stop your subscription for newsletters from clothing brands, hotels, and others to help resist spending temptations.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases – all things that cost money.

Creating a list before you go to the grocery store is especially important. Not only can it help you buy items that fit with your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying food you might waste. Always create a list and, more importantly, stick to it.

 You can also take advantage of a cashback rewards card that gives bonus cash at grocery stores – just be sure to pay off the balance each month.

 Invite friends over instead of going out.

Going out to eat or “out on the town” has a way of destroying both your food budget and your entertainment budget in one fell swoop. And no matter what, it is always cheaper to stay in with friends and come up with your entertainment.

Instead of hitting the town, host a fun pitch-in dinner with your friends. Play cards, sit around a fire pit or watch movies with your guests. You’ll all save money – and have a blast.

 Repair clothing instead of tossing it.

Don’t toss out a shirt because of a broken button – sew on a new one with some closely-matched thread. Don’t toss out pants because of a hole in them – put in a patch of some sort and save them for times when you’re working around the house.

Most basic sewing jobs can be completed by anyone, and a little bit of practice goes a long way. Learning basic sewing skills is a great way to save some money – and extend the life of your clothing.


Don’t spend big money entertaining your children.

Most children, especially young ones, can be entertained very cheaply. Buy them an end roll of newspaper from your local paper and let their creativity run wild. Play ball in the backyard. Head to the park. Plant a garden. Teach them to ride a bike without training wheels once and for all.

Realize that what your children want most of all is your time, not your stuff, and you’ll find money in your pocket and joy in your heart.

Drink more water.

Not only does drinking plenty of water has great health benefits — it has financial benefits, too. Drink a big glass of water before each meal to stay fuller longer and ultimately eat less. Not only will you save on the food bill, but you’ll also feel better after you become properly hydrated.

Even better, drinking more water — whether in a refillable bottle or at restaurants — means spending less money on beverages like soda, juice, and tea. Remember: Tap water is not only just as clean as bottled water, but it’s also free.

 Avoid convenience foods and fast food.

Instead of eating fast food or just nuking some prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements that you can take with you. An hour’s worth of preparation one weekend can leave you with a ton of cheap and easy dinner and snack options for the following week.

Also consider breaking out the o crock pot for some inexpensive meal options that not only save money but time, too.

 For those times when you simply can’t avoid dining out, maximize your savings with coupons and a rewards credit card that gives a bonus for restaurant spending (but you know yourself best, so only spend what you know you can pay off each month with no interest).


No matter where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that anyone can turn their financial life around and start saving money. Sometimes all it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favor. But, as with most things, sometimes that very first step is the hardest part.

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