15 best digital marketing tools in 2020

15 best digital marketing tools in 2020

The 15 best digital marketing tools in 2020

The growing demand for digital marketing tools, and products are expanding in the market and it is difficult to find a choice.

To prepare for conversion rates

earn more, reach your target audience with an active budget and analyze them

these are 4 points before choosing your tools.


HubSpot is an essential tool for all content. At SMA, we use HubSpot as our CRM and CMS, as well as email marketing, blogging, social media and building landing pages. You can also view important KPIs within each tool’s dashboard.

If you want to learn more about internal advertising, HubSpot Academy offers a large collection of courses that will teach you useful information to help you grow your marketing strategy.


I usually add BuzzSumo to lists like this when help is given to me. It helps me generate content ideas based on real insights and statistics, so I know which types of content get the best engagement from my audience.

It also allows me to find out which group of competitors in the same space they are doing to stay relevant and compete in my niche.

Google Analytics

Anyone in content marketing knows how to measure and track results and Google Analytics is the best way to do that.

The platform may seem difficult to understand at first, but getting used to its unique features will allow you to track key metrics that can help you


it has many built-in advertising tools that help both paid professionals and SEOs to track their search levels and improve. SEMRush uses one to recognize competitors. You can use the tools to pull backlinks from your competitor, track their flexibility, and make a complete competitive analysis.


EmailChimp speaks to the beast directly within the space-promoting email, with more than three hundred million messages sent by its customers last year.

The beauty of MailChimp is the ease of stage and price usage of the slide depending on the size of your email list. Specifically, their “forever free” strategy is ideal for small advertisers looking for a platform to display email. In case you are new to advanced advertising devices or email where everything is said, MailChimp talks about a good first step.

15 best digital marketing tools in 2020=Canva

Canva allows the designer to use modified image channels, control text, create images without preparation or use stock images, techniques, or basic images

and similarly, provide a variety of online communication channels to complete everything in a simple and intuitive way.

Google Trends

Continuous marketing is a great way to make your product or product stand out by aligning its messages with its audience. A simple plan: something important happens; everyone is talking. We need to take part in the discussion and talk about it.15 best digital marketing tools in 2020


 last, but not least: don’t underestimate the power of URL nudity. In fact, tools like RocketLink can not only shorten URLs, but can also add other customization features to them as the process progresses.

This way, you can get more of the links you share, even if you are not the owner of the website you are linking to.


Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool to help you increase the volume of your website. They have 150 million keyword data in the U.S. More than 150 other countries. Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO tools. It always makes me happy with the features I use every day.

Ahrefs is ready for a competitive analysis. Allows you to see who is linking your competitors, where their front pages are, where your competitor’s content competition meets, and, using the Gap Content Tool, you can identify specific weaknesses in your content areas.

The Top Pages Tool lets you see which pages are most accessible to traffic, and you can see the number of targeted traffic

Google Keyword Editor

This is a free keyword analysis tool that lets you check and find a list of keywords and keyword ideas, and see how keywords work. All of your keyword courses can be used for web search engine optimization and your campaign in Google AdWords.


Hotjar provides heat maps with the behavior of visitors to the website. Producers can learn what part of their website users spend most of their time on and what content does not work well. After that they can make changes to make sure they have information that connects with their customers.


Moz offers a good selection of two free and paid SEO tools. With the help of Moz, you can easily do keyword research, page analytics, analyze backlinks and has a great site building site.

We highly recommend using the MozBar Chrome plugin, which provides quick metrics for any page with the click of a button.


moreover, Yoast is a popular plugin that works with both Gutenberg and the Classic editor in WordPress. Yoast is an excellent tool to help you add content to your search engines.

as well as it helps you select corner content, focus on keywords to help you rate, individual content URLs, and internal links for further development. The plugin also analyzes your page’s readability and gives you Flesch Reading Ease scores. Updated to display Google’s algorithm every two weeks, so you can stay up to date on your SEO.



UberSuggest is your digital go-to tool when it comes to editing your weblog. Computer code helps marketers discover new keywords and weblog topics. This tool will also allow you to gain valuable understanding of organic and paid keywords, moreover due to the ROI they provide.

Providing long quotes and thousands of alternatives for standard keywords. Digital advertisers can quickly determine important sites by checking backlinks to interact with them.


The best way to avoid data loss is to use cloud storage to store your important files and documents online.

PCloud is one of the cloud storage platforms and many other functions that allow you to organize your file and folders, access all your files on any device

allow people to access your files or folders to work collaboratively on projects, protect your information, and stream music and videos.

15 best digital marketing tools in 2020.if you like let me know?

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