pubg banned in pakistan, lesson for parents

PUBG banned or not in Pakistan.a lesson to parents.

Pubg bannd or not in pakistan

what is your opinion pubg banned or not in Pakistan? Nowadays there is a lockdown. Children are taking online classes at home after classes parents also forbid them to play outside. they insist to stay at home.

In this day and age, everyone has a mobile phone and a laptop, etc. Children and students spend most of their time on mobile phones. Some children watch movies, some watched series, and some to increase their knowledge. Slabs related and some young people play games.

The trend of games is increasing all over the world including Pakistan and it is dangerous to overdo it. According to psychologists, the more time you spend on it, the more it affects your emotions and your health and thoughts and habits. It also happens

pubg banned or not in pakistan.

Introduction of pubg banned or not in pakistan.

Battleground PUBG is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game. developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

P – Player

U – Unknown’s

B – Battle

G – Ground

This game was published by PUBG Corporation on 23 March 2017. The PUBG game was created by Brendan Green. According to Brendan, he created the game via Inspire from the Japanese film Battle Royale, which tells the story of many students taking to an island and forcing each other to survive.

. In every game of PUBG, a player exits the plane with a parachute and cosmetic clothing and no gear. After landing on a massive map of 8 x 8 km, players must collect weapons and armor before their opponents can prevent the initial elimination.

PUBG is one of the best-selling video games in the world and has over 100,000,000+ units to date.

What reasons to ban pubg?

The Pakistani government has shut down PubG in Pakistan. The reason is very serious. The details are as follows: Two children committed suicide in Lahore when their parents did not allow them to play PubG game. The heirs of the children had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court regarding the closure of the game, while the IG police had also sent a letter to the PTA regarding the closure of the Pub G game. CPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed said that Due to which 3 youths have committed suicide so far,

Remember that many young people around the world have lost their lives due to the online game Pub G. In this game, two teams are formed, and both the players kill each other with the help of weapons. The psychologist also said that due to the game, young people are suffering from mental stress while the element of violence is also increasing among them.

PTA announces

The Telecommunications Authority said in a press release shared on Twitter, “The PTA has received numerous complaints against the PUBG, alleging that the game is addictive, a waste of time and children. The PTA has until July 10 to ask the public for their opinion on whether the PUBG should remain banned or whether it should be reinstated for the public. The authority also decided to establish public opinion regarding the said online game pub مذ

The younger generation demands:

Athletes have rejected the government’s move, calling it unfair and an obstacle to the development of sports in the country. Will become accustomed to habits.

Some people have lost their jobs because of it.what is your opion pubg banned or not in pakistan


PubG is a game. Parents have to show responsibility in this regard and train their children in such a way that their first mission should be their education, and after that, they should have a suitable environment for recreation.

Another important responsibility of parents is to monitor them. Be their friend. Check their phones. Help them to make friends. Set a timetable for them. No child will waste time. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the parents and they are responsible for their suicide.

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  1. I don’t think I will ban, because there are many children who are playing this game and also it has half rights with Corean company.
    Great article thanks for sharing.

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