best mountain to hike in munich germany

Best Mountain to hike in Munich Germany

Best Mountain to hike in Munich Germany


When I went to bed at night, I wondered what our life was like. Going to college in the morning and then doing a little work and coming home at night. Just cooking and studying and falling asleep?

Then I thought that this is our life. We have to make it beautiful and beautiful. We have to enjoy every moment of it. Then we thought about how to enjoy every moment.

Today is Saturday and now Sunday is coming. I decided to go on a picnic. Because I did not go out in coronavirus pandamic. I was sleeping with my brother. I woke him up and started planning.

Where to go?

We live in Munich. There is a mountain” Jochberg ” near here, but to get there you need hiking. We have never hiked.

It was morning. Today is a very hot day. The weather is very clear. Then we had breakfast and got ready to leave. It was nine o’clock in the morning. It was a journey of one and a half hours.


Introduction to Jochberg: Best Mountain to hike in Munich Germany

Jochberg is just 80.5km away from Munich and makes for an excellent day trip. It is placed near Urfeld and not far from the town of Kochel, near the Kochelsee. The mountain is 1567m high and is part of the first range of mountains of the Alps in southern Germany. Jochberg sits in the middle of 2 great lakes, the Kochelsee and the Walchensee, which makes it a popular destination for locals and residents of Munich. Its popularity makes the hike anything but solitary, but the spectacular views from the summit make the lack of solitude worth it.


What a sight it was. When we reached here, we saw that it was very lively, a lot of people had come and especially the young ones.

The four-hour hike was very tiring. But when we reached the top, all the fatigue was gone. The view of the lakes was very good. This mountain is located between two beautiful lakes, which add to its beauty.


Kochelsee and Walchensee.lakes

The Jochberg is a mountain, 1,567 meters (5,141 ft) high, in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland, the first range of mountains of the Alps in southern Germany. The mountain stands between two large lakes, namely Kochelsee and Walchensee.


Due to the striking view of the surrounding Bavarian countryside from its summit, Jochberg is a popular day hike for locals as well as for residents of nearby Munich.

The trail considers easy enough to be enjoyable for all ages, thus adding to its popularity. Also, the peak is frequently used as a launching site for paragliding. The ascent begins from the Kesselberg or for a somewhat longer hike from Jachenau, Sachenbach is Ostufer, a small village near Walchensee, or Kochel, a town immediately on the shore of Kochelsee. Beneath the summit at 1,382 meters, there is a farm active during the summer and popular with the hikers called Jocheralm (meaning roughly “Yoke Pasture of the Mountains”). On a clear day, the Munich Olympiaturm is quite visible, despite being over 60 km (37 mi) to the north. Another notable feature is that mountain is also climbed quite frequently in winter and when there is moderate snow accumulation, tracks are left behind from Kesselberg to the summit.


There we ate and drank and had a lot of fun. Believe me, four months of boring was gone. It looked great. The green mountains and clear water all around were showing their beauty very quietly. From the sounds of birds. It used to be that people came here years later.

If you want to come to Jochberg, remember all these things. We did not know these things, but they will benefit you.



Before You Go To Jochberg remember this

  • It is reachable via public conveyor. The bus stop just steps away from the trailhead on Kesselberg Pass Road at the northern end of the Walchensee.
  • If your a climber and enjoy ice climbing then visit Jochberg during winter when the north face of the mountain offers some great climbing opportunities. If your not a climber though then I would advise that you should stick to the normal trail where you can snowshoe. 
  • The hike is popular all year round, perfect for the all-season adventurer. 
  • If you are visiting during the busier months I would advise that you try to do the hike in the early morning as there are fewer people and you can spend more time enjoying the summit. 
  • You can find accommodation in Walcheren at the Gästehaus Seehof, which is located on the edge of the Walchensee. You can also find accommodation in Kochel near the Kochelsee at the Hotel Sonnenspitz. It’s a great way to spend a weekend away from the big city. i think the best mountain to hike in Munich Germany.

It was evening and we were tired too. I didn’t feel like going back at all. But the same routine since morning. It was at four o’clock. We were ready to go back and came back with very beautiful memories.


Today has been a great day. In the same way, you can go for a walk or a picnic. Life will be very sweet. And you will be proud of the beauty of this world. You will love this world. You will be happy. Because it is human nature to want something new every day.

best mountain to hike in Munich Germany.

agree with me?

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