benefits of nature on human life

Top Benefits of nature on human health

top Benefits of nature on human health


If I tell you that I will open a grocery store in the big Mall, you will definitely be surprised, but some friends will also be upset. I can kindly explain that this is a lost investment but if I tell you I have seen many stores in those big shopping malls and not in one country at least half of 12 or more.

Yes! In Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., you will find richly decorated vegetables and dried fruit shops in major markets, and the reason is obviously for the people of these countries to keep their way of life close to nature. Natural foods and herbs have become part of our lives. That is why when we compare the high prices of blood or heart disease and diabetes in our country with these countries, we get better results.

Comparison of health

Comparisons of diabetes rates alone are astonishing. According to a survey published in the Pakistan General of Medical Science, about 15 percent of Pakistanis have the disease, and according to a study, 1 in 5 people in Pakistan is infected. In China and Singapore, on the other hand, the rate is less than 10 percent, compared to the global average of 8.8 percent. The same is true of heart disease and other illnesses.

In fact, we never considered our own way of life. All our food is unhealthy. Unsustainable consumption of parathas, fried foods, fries, samosas, sweets, canned juices and collages, and milk tea. Because of their extremely dangerous habits and because of this intolerant lifestyle in the face of various ailments, antibiotics, and other drugs that also destroy the already weakened immune system.

Our uses of natural things

To this day, I don’t understand why a college, bean juice, or tea is needed by a visitor! Why not use milk, butter, or fresh fruit and juice? However, there is no difference in price. If this is a status symbol, then deliberately create a status symbol.

However, the most important and the most proud should be the most useful. People who sell juices and mud in Iranian markets all have natural ingredients, not essays and food colors like us. Khak Sher is a seed-like seed made into a lump, which everyone sells and drinks.

Other countries and natural things

In Turkey, instead of cola with food, they drink Aryan or Iron, which is the heaviest lassi. In Malaysia, markets, supermarkets, highways, you can find fresh fruit juices and country treats, not the idea of ​​tea.

Collage usage is very limited. Supermarkets are full of all kinds of herbs and dried fruits. Obviously, when people use it indiscriminately, then they stay.

China has been mentioned many times, all food is boiled, fried foods are completely avoided. There is no ghee in the food. Hundreds of varieties of coffee and dried fruit, all foods are natural.

Pakistani shop

We have the smallest and darkest shops on the narrow streets. That too is meaningless. We have no natural acceptance in our minds or the flow of natural things in our lives. Now that we are focusing on food and safety because of this tragedy, I urge you to think about life as well.


Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. Avoid collages and home juices completely. Customize milk, yogurt, lassi, and fresh juice. Eat soup food. Use home remedies and natural remedies for coughs, stomach ailments, colds, or minor ailments.

top Benefits of nature on human health.if you like it let me know.

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