sun eclips

Sun eclipse, harmful or not

Sun eclipse, harmful or not
(PMD) Pakistan Meteorological Department on Monday announced that the people would witness an annular solar eclipse on June 21 through which the sun would appear like a circle or ring of light.
“The shadow will be visible in many countries of Africa and Asia, wherein some parts, the incomplete and complete radiance of light will be seen,”

Timing of eclipse:

The eclipse will start at 8:40 am and would end at 2:34 pm across the country. Though it will start at 9:26 am in Karachi. it would reach its peak at 11:40 am.
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes straight between the Earth and the sun

The type of eclipse depends on how far away the moon is from the Earth.
Is it harmful:
At this point, the moon has a little way to go before reaching the entire sun.
It happens because sunlight flows through the uneven lunar surface points. such as gaps, and is viewed as the most beautiful piece of the entire eclipse.
This is also the most dangerous phenomenon. The light is so bright because the seeping through of it is related to using a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays.

viewing it without eye protection will burn the sensitive retina of the eyes, similar to how paper is burnt by the focused sunlight via the magnifying glass.Sun eclipse harmful or not

how we see it?

Hence, only indirect viewing of this event should be done. like projecting the light onto a screen using a telescope. with specially designed filter eyewear.
The rest of you will tolerate the entire sequence of the eclipse, so nothing to worry about
Authorities had advised people not to look straight. the sun without any guarding eye equipment as it could damage eyesight. The radiation would be much more direct than it was during the last solar eclipse that occurred earlier.

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