how to stop complaining and be happy

How to stop complaining and be happy

How to stop complaining and be happy

It’s great that you want to stop complaining. There are many reasons for doing this, both social and medical. The best resource for a walk is a program called “Complaint Free World”. Complaining is just a bad habit, and the program teaches you how to break bad habits.

 Complaint Rules

There are two rules about making a complaint that can help you. The first one complains only to the person or persons who can actually do something about the problem. No one else, just people who can actually fix the problem. Second, don’t go to the responsible person to complain until you have a solution to suggest that you would personally be ready to implement. . If you find yourself complaining outside of these rules, I think the worn out bracelet is the answer!

How to stop complaining

how to stop complaining and be happy

1. Become aware of all types of complaints, and accept your complaints after your complaints.

2. You will soon find out that you have become aware of your complaint as soon as you complain.

3. almost there. Before you actually complain, you will know that you are aware of your complaint. Now you have the opportunity to not express your complaints verbally.

4. Congratulations. If you need additional resources, the program supports the psychological principles behind and to make the process easier. In my experience, 3 to 4 weeks are necrotic to break a habit. As you might expect, it is not effective for addictions.

5. Realize what you really want in your life. You are complaining because you feel powerless to solve something in your life that you need to solve or achieve and you are not taking action to do it.

6. Ensure that you have all the power in the world to achieve this desired goal or redirect your energy to the actual required goal.

7. Start taking action towards these goals no matter how big or small.

8. Once your life is headed in the right direction for you, the complaint will stop.

Really happiness

The time it takes you to change your life so that you are happy in general will usually take years, so if you are still complaining about things here and there in the future, do not down yourself Get off It should become less and less over time, and once you feel fully empowered to live the life you want to live, you will be authentically happy, so you have to complain. nothing.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down thankful things for that day each day (start small, 1-3 things, as you are going, you will find that it is not enough and you will list 5 to 10 things each day

You should praise

Whenever you complain, you should praise 3 other people. It was a big, yet difficult one for me… If I bought a bad product and needed to complain, I would find 3 other companies I could write to and compliment their products. Same goes for people, if you complain about someone or someone in general complains about someone, then you should compliment 3 other people. Ultimately it would seem like a lot of work just to complain (and you will keep on praising :-))

Praise yourself

Get into the habit of doing daily affirmations every morning, first thing, loud in the mirror (Good morning / beautiful !! Examination / in that meeting / with that new customer !!!). This will seem strange at first, although people who are happy with themselves are less likely to complain !! Daily affirmations can increase your happiness and confidence, while your willingness to complain decreases, you will be very happy to complain

Stop focusing on the negative

Stop focusing on the negative and look for the positive instead. Sometimes it’s hard to find it, especially since you don’t use it, but I swear it right there. Actively practice praise. Apparently complaining is not getting you anywhere and it is not increasing your happiness. Chose happiness, not found Be happy and work hard to find the beauty in life.

Make a list of the things you are grateful for.

Pausing for a minute and thinking about all the great things and amazing people in your life will probably put up a silly complaint that you had to relax.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

The next time you are with your friends, family or co-workers and attend a grievance celebration, speak or calm down. Depending on the crowd, either speak to stop the complaint and change the subject to something sunnier or just keep calm and don’t complain to yourself.

Accept responsibility.

If something is bothering you, fix it or accept that nothing can be done right now, so why complain? A complaint is a passive activity. Change the complainant into action to solve the problem or simply accept it and give your mind something else to focus on.

Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes of ourselves, but never the mistakes of others. The first step to being responsible is self-respect. Start by thinking highly about yourself and your decision making process. There is no reason not to. Keep people in your life who respect you, and fail miserably to take advantage of you. Take out the old complainants. Let them take their complaints elsewhere. Attracting people in your life in such a way that you like and respect them will naturally earn you respect.


You prevent this through awareness and understanding. Complaining never resolves anything. That’s why most people consider complaints to be annoying and frustrating. Instead of complaining, perhaps think of an adequate solution. If you have nothing better to say, consider possibly improving your interactive skills.

how to stop complaining and be happy

how to stop complaining. if you like it let me know?

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